bigbyte SAP supply chain optimization

bigbyte software systems inc. is an international management consulting firm that provides leading global production and manufacturing firms with the key expertise they need to optimize and streamline their SAP Supply Chain Management. 

With an average of 12 years of SAP/supply chain management experience, bigbyte’s consultants work with a firm’s senior level management to develop innovative solutions to their supply chain management challenges, and leave your staff fully empowered to continue optimization.

SAP Info Days New Orleans 2018

Join us in New Orleans this August to learn how a holistic systems perspective, a good understanding of SAP's standard functionality, and SAP's Add-on Tools can reduce your transactional workload and improve your SAP supply chain performance. Special focus will be given to planning for optimizing inventory and resources with SAP Add-On Tools and conducting workshops to define and learn about new developments of the SAP Add-On Tools. We welcome our special guest speaker Paul Seifriz of Alkyone Consulting to discuss the Theory of Constraints (TOC). By using the Theory of Constraints with SAP you can manage your business successfully and profitably into the future. TOC (Theory of Constraints) uses new thinking and activities to measurably increase business success. 

  • Increase your on-time delivery to almost 100% 
  • Optimize your lead times 
  • Reduce inventory investment 

 and all without a significant investment!

This 3-day event covers how to optimize, fine-tune and generally improve Planning (demand, supply, and materials), Production (sequencing, leveling, and scheduling), and Automating your processes. You'll hear actual users discuss their experience implementing and using the SAP Add-on Tools and how they helped to optimize their processes through our bigbyte workshops and eLearning certification programs. Space is limited, and admission is free. We expect a strong response. To reserve a space, email your name and company to

The sessions will be held at the Renaissance New Orleans Art Warehouse District Hotel, 700 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA 70130-3612 

Space is limited, and early reservations are strongly recommended. Discounted hotel rates are available before July 30th if you mention bigbyte software systems in your reservation. Please RSVP by July 31st. 

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Materials Planning with SAP: SAP ERP

Uwe Goehring's new book

Uwe Goehring, the president of bigbyte software systems, inc., has written a new book on the art and science of materials planning using SAP! You learn how to use SAP ERP to calculate what, when, and how many items are required for production with this comprehensive guide. From portfolio management and policy setting to exception monitoring and inventory optimization, you'll see the complete manufacturing picture that materials planning paints. 

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Inventory Management and Optimization in SAP ERP

Elke Roettig's new book

Elke Roettig, from bigbyte software systems, inc., has written a new book on Inventory Management and Optimization in SAP ERP! Avoid having too little or too much stock on hand with this guide to inventory management and optimization with SAP ERP. Start by managing the stock you have through replenishment, goods issue, goods receipt, and internal transfers. Then plan for and optimize your future by avoiding bottlenecks, setting lead times, using simulations, and more. Finally, evaluate your operations using standard reports, the MRP Monitor, and KPIs. Keep your stock levels just right! 

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Knowledge base

Collective knowledge fused together for instant reference

The bigbyte knowledge base contains a wealth of information about optimizing your supply chain, learning about SAP Add-On Tools, and informative videos about improving your supply chain. Take some time to explore it.

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SAP Add-on Tools

Tools to optimize the SAP supply chain

Improve your Supply Chain and achieve important goals by using powerful Add-On tools developed for the SAP ERP and SAP APO systems by SAP SCM Consulting in the SAP name space. The Add-On tools complete and enhance the scope of the standard SAP ERP system.

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SAP Packages

Strategy, service and inventory optimization packages

bigbyte`s Optimization Packages provides analysis and simulation tools as well as user education programs, which ensure a continuous and sustainable optimization within your Supply Chain.

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Success Stories

Customer References

bigbyte software systems has transformed the supply chain and optimized the inventory of leading companies across the globe. These transformations have greatly improved their efficiencies and resulted in significant cost savings We have helped companies across a wide range of industries with a wide range of needs and problems. Here are some of the companies that have benefited from bigbyte's expertise.

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