Tools to Improve Your Supply Chain

Improve your Supply Chain and achieve important goals by using powerful Add-On tools developed for the SAP ERP and SAP APO systems by SAP SCM Consulting in the SAP name space. These tools are fully integrated into SAP and will help you to intelligently plan and manage your inventory and thus supporting a sustainable inventory optimization within a short period of time. The Add-On tools complete and enhance the scope of the standard SAP ERP system.  The new and special functions help you to manage master data and daily transactions, as well as, giving the organization visibility to important performance indicators.


Using the SCM Add-On Tools, bigbyte software systems™ will help you to assess your master and transactional data and enhance your inventory processes as a basis to increase your service level, increase your inventory turns and lower you costs for logistics. The SAP SCM Add-On tools can truly help you to uncover untapped potential in your business processcses.

SAP Pricelist

SCM Consulting Solutions (ECC only)

MRP Monitor (1333018)

Optimize inventories with classification and key figure determination. Facilitates segmentation for policy setting. Intelligent selection and mass updates of master data

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Master Data Check Monitor (1653328)

Assists in determining master data errors in the material master, and customer and vendor master records

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Simulation ROP & Safety Stock (1363890)

Determine optimal reorder points and safety stocks. Includes an update function for the material master

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Lot Size Simulator (1363889)

Identifies the most cost effective and optimal lot sizing procedures for any demand situation. Includes an update function for the material master

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Replenishment Lead Time Monitor (1341571)

Helps determine real RLTs for procurement and manufacturing, and includes an update function

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