Strategy & Tactic

Supply Chain Optimization Package # 1

Determining the correct replenishment policy for the right situation ist often an overwhelming task faced by today`s materials planer. As situations change from one period to another, the job becomes unmanageable, especially when taking into consideration the great number of materials typically found in MRP planer`s portfolio.

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Supply Chain Optimization Package # 2

The "Service" Optimization Package strongly focuses on the interface between sales and production; as it monitors the availability, checking of rules and the transfer of demand throughout the entire supply chain through the utilization of, amongst other things, stock transport orders.

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Supply Chain Optimization Package # 3

Many manufacturing companies that currently looking to reduce costs are focusing on inventories. Companies wanting to optimize inventory levels and reduce storage costs, without jeopardizing service levels, are taking a closer look to the hidden potential for improvement that this area has to offer. 

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